Friday, September 7, 2007

Araichu Vitta Sambhar

Araichu Vitta a special kind of sambhar thats made without the usual sambhar powder. The ground mix(the specially made powder used for this sambhar) contains coconut and when coconut combines with toor dal,methi seeds,coriander seeds and red chillies the flavour and the aroma that this sambhar brings is just fab!
I made this sambhar with Okras and onions.Though Onions are optional,vegetables like Eggplant,Radish,Carrots,pumpkin can also be used.
For those who love Sambhar,Araichu vitta sambhar is something you must try :-)

Ingredients :

1 cup of cooked toor dal(Boil the toor dal with 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder.It has to be semi watery)
Tamarind Soaked in Water ( tamarind of a size of Lemon)
1/2 medium size onion - chopped lengthwise
6-7 Okras (Chopped)
1/2 tablespoon of Mustard Seeds
2 Red Chillies
2 tablespoon of Oil
A pinch of Asafoetida powder
Curry leaves

Fry the following ingredients in 1/2 tablespoon of oil and then Grind them without water(Must be in the form of powder)

2 1/2 tablespoon of Chana dal
1/2 teaspoon of Methi Seeds
1 teaspoon of Coriander Powder/Seeds
3-4 Red Chillies
1/4 cup of grated Coconut

Heat 2 tablespoon of oil in a vessel.Fry mustard seeds and red chillies.Add chopped onions,chopped okras and fry for 2 mins.Now add the tamarind extract.Mix well,cover the vessel and let it boil for 5-6 mins.Stir inbetween.Now add the ground powder mix.Mix well,cover again and let it boil for 3-4 mins.
Now add toor dal,required salt and mix well.Cover the vessel and boil again for 5 mins.Stir inbetween.Heat some oil in a small vessel and fry some curry leaves and add them in the sambhar.
Before serving add a pinch of Asafoetida powder and garnish the sambhar with cilantro.Serve hot with rice and enjoy !

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